The ACA Is Voting on Avid's Future Offerings and Strategic Direction

In its third year, the Avid Customer Association (ACA) is an established and thriving organization—thanks to the diligent customer leadership and tremendous membership growth of our community. We have made significant strides working together over the past few years, building a deeper partnership so that together we can help solve the most pressing challenges that our community is facing. Now, we want to leverage our impressive growth and the strength of our community to make our collective voice even louder with the launch of the inaugural ACA Vote.

Voting is one of the key ways the ACA collects information to inspire Avid’s strategic direction, and Avid depends on ACA members to share their voices and concern for challenges we all face. The ACA is voting on products, solutions, strategic direction, and future offerings, which ensures Avid is delivering solutions that help solve the most critical issues, as well as supports what is most important to our members and their business requirements.

·         Round 1 │ Closed (Dec 5, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017 – full candidate list, plus write-in opportunities)
·         Round 2 │ Feb 13, 2017 – Mar 3, 2017 (top results from Round 1, no write-ins)
·         Results   |  April 22, 2017: Experience the results live at Avid Connect

The ACA invites its CURRENT AND NEW MEMBERS to vote in this unique opportunity that Avid is giving the community. The power of your participation means continuing to expand the possibilities for ourselves and our industry. 

As a Board, we have taken the time to review all of the items included here in great detail. We would appreciate if you did the same in providing your feedback here to help us advise Avid.

Many thanks for your continued support,
ACA Executive Board of Directors 

  • You will need 5 -10 minutes to submit your customized ballot. You may only vote once for each of the ballot categories, and voting must be completed in one sitting. 
  • Voting is best conducted on a desktop or tablet. We do not advise voting on a mobile device/ smartphone. 
  • Do not use Safari as a web browser to participate, as it might interrupt internal skip patterns within the structure of the survey.
  • Do not use your web browser's refresh or back button to navigate through this survey, only use the “Previous”; and “Next”; buttons at the bottom of each page. Using the web browser will forcibly exit you from this survey and you will be unable to re-enter.
For more information, visit our FAQ page.