The Allen County Department of Public Health is gathering information about the impact of COVID-19 and the needs within our community. This is an anonymous survey. It should take you 3-5 minutes to complete.

If you have an immediate need, please call 2-1-1.

The answers you provide will be used by the Allen County Department of Health and other partners to identify needs within the community. The collective results from this survey (no individual results will be shared) maybe shared for greater awareness or used for research.

If you are taking this survey on behalf of someone else, please answer all questions from their perspective.  Thank you!

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* 1. Who is taking this survey? (Check all that apply)

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* 2. What is the zip code of the household?

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* 3. What is your gender ?

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* 4. What is your race? (Check all that apply)

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* 5. For your household, how many people do you have in the following categories:

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* 6. How many weeks could you financially sustain your household if your workplace closed and/or you received no additional pay? Think carefully about the collective needs of your household (e.g. food, pets, utilities, toiletries, etc.).