Introduction to the survey

Thank you agreeing to this survey. By doing so you are helping us inform opinion in the manufacturing sector and beyond, including government. 

Basically, we are finding out how optimistic manufacturers are about their near-future.

The survey is separated into 6 different sections, each of which is designed to gauge the level of positive or negative feelings manufacturers have on the following issues:
  •      Implementing smart factory technologies in your business
  •      Government policy and industrial strategy
  •      Financing investment in your business
  •      Industrial digitalisation and industry 4.0
  •      Skills
  •      Growing your business and exporting
You can complete one section, or as many as you want, but please note: the survey is built in a linear fashion. You can work your way forward through the issue categories but not back. 

Each section will take only a very short time to complete, a minute or so at most, so if you are able to complete them all, that would be most welcome!
Here's how it works: you will be presented with a series of statements, one positive, one negative. Please then decide where on the sliding scale between them your attitude to those statements lies.

The goal is to assess degrees of positivity and negativity among manufacturers. We'd therefore be grateful if you avoided making straight binary choices, unless the extremes really do reflect the true depth of your feeling. 

In recognition of your help, we would like to send you a complimentary copy of the final report when it is published in January 2018 (it will retail at £195).  To reserve your personal copy, please complete your details on the following page.