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The Agency of Education has numerous instances annually in which the Agency  has a need for qualified individuals to participate in short-duration activities.  In order to compensate or reimburse expenses to individuals for these activities, the Agency may generate Small Scale Education Contracts for Services (SSECS). These contracts will be of short duration and only one contract per individual per fiscal year. In addition, payments to individuals will not exceed $1,000 per fiscal year (exclusive of expenses).

Each year, the Agency will recruit qualified individuals for various activity categories (listed below) held throughout the year. The recruitment process will entail completing this survey and submitting a resume.  If selected, individuals must then submit a completed W-9 and proof of the required auto insurance coverage. The Agency will maintain the approved list of qualified individuals.  As activities are planned throughout the year,  Agency staff will select pre-qualified individuals from the approved list.  Selection of individuals will entail invitations to all qualified candidates on the list with the date, duration and description of the service opportunity. Contracts will be offered on a first-response, first-filled basis. 
Note: The required auto insurance coverage shall not be less than $250,000/$500,000 split limit coverage. 
Activity Categories:
1.   Results Oriented Program Approval (ROPA) Team Members - The non-state employee members of review teams appointed by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) (VSBPE Rule 5934.1). These members are representatives of educator preparation programs, licensees, and the VSBPE in addition to AOE staff.

2.   Peer Review - Educators asked to review the portfolios of candidates pursuing an alternative path to licensure (VSBPE Rule 5330) through peer review.

3.   Student Assessment Scorer – In special cases alternate assessments are conducted by using portfolios, mostly for students with special needs. Teachers are used to score the portfolios over a three to four day period once a year.

4.   Site Monitoring Team – Non-state employee member of a team working on a site review of a school system.

5.   Committee of Practitioners - Sec. 1903(b) of the Elementary Secondary Education Act requires the Agency to create a committee, most of whom are non-state employees, to review certain policies required by the Act.

6.   Agency Ad Hoc Committees, Groups, and Panels - Non-state employees asked to participate on a grant application review team or participate as a panelist for a specified topic at Agency coordinated events.
7.  Conference Presenters - Individuals asked to be presenters at Agency coordinated conferences conducted pursuant to 16 VSA § 212(7).

Complete the following survey, check each category that you are qualified for and would like to be considered for. 

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