Welcome to the AWAKETOGETHER Sleep Apnea Patient Survey

Thank you for taking time to respond to this survey. We value your experience and the time you'll dedicate to this project.

The American Sleep Apnea Association's mission is to improve the lives of sleep apnea patients. You can join us at the AWAKETOGETHER SUMMIT on 9/19/19 in San Francisco or online - learn more and register here.

This AWAKETOGETHER survey is designed to help the American Sleep Apnea Association learn about the experiences of patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. We want to learn more about your sleep apnea journey to help guide our education and advocacy efforts for patients. This survey can be completed by sleep apnea patients, or by a caregiver on behalf of a patient.

Data collected with this survey is completely anonymous – all results shared with the public will be aggregate data, and your personal responses will never be given out to anyone.

If you took our 2018 AWAKE survey, thank you so much! We learned a lot! Many questions on this survey follow-up on issues identified last year. Because your responses in both surveys are anonymous, we’ll need to ask a few of the same questions again to build a new data-set this year – we apologize for the repetition!

To everyone, thanks for taking our survey this year! Your answers will help us understand sleep apnea from a patient perspective and provide better services to our community!

Please complete the survey in one session! If you leave the survey and come back later, your responses will not be saved. This survey should take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. 

Here is some additional information to keep in mind as you work through this survey:

- Answer questions to the best of your ability. It really helps us to have answers to every question!
- If you yourself have not be diagnosed with sleep apnea, please respond to the questions from the perspective of the individual you know who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.
- You may learn new information about sleep apnea, its diagnosis and treatment from this survey!

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