Enclosed is the reservation for attending May 19, 2023 Graduation

To attend graduation, each graduate must reserve their spot for the ceremony. This form is your official reservation. If you are not yet sure if you are attending the ceremony, please fill it out, just in case. You are not penalized for completing the reservation and deciding not to attend at the last minute. 

You have until April 28, 2023, to complete the reservation form and purchase regalia from Oak Hall. Note: You must have regalia to participate in the ceremony. 

Also, Amridge University does not purchase, ship, or track your regalia. You must order your regalia from Oak Hall and contact them directly for all regalia questions.

To attend the ceremony, you must complete  1) Purchase your Regalia from Oak Hall and 1) Complete this reservation form. If both steps are not complete, you will not be allowed to walk across the stage in the ceremony.
Please note, Amridge does not allow students to alter their regalia, Please do not decorate your hat, buy a different hat or purchase additional stoles. You are only allowed to wear the graduation packet available at Oak Hall. You will be asked to remove decorated hats, extra stoles, unapproved hats, and any items that detract from the importance of this formal ceremony.

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