HPCO is committed to the rigour and reliability of the Accreditation Program, which ensures the delivery of consistent, high-quality hospice palliative care services among accredited hospice organizations throughout the province. Organizations that have been accredited by HPCO are required to comply with HPCO Standards in order to maintain their accreditation. If a stakeholder feels that an accredited hospice organization is not operating in compliance with the Standards, a complaint can be filed with HPCO. Complaints may be filed by any stakeholder, as per the criteria listed below. Complaints may only be filed against organizations that have up-to-date accredited status (Full Accreditation). Complaints will be reviewed only if filed within twelve months of the occurrence(s). Complaints may be filed when the stakeholder believes that an accredited hospice organization: 
  • Has failed to comply with HPCO Standards
  • Has failed to comply with its own policies and procedures
  • Provided falsified information or documents in the Accreditation Review process that led to the hospice organization’s accredited status.
To make a complaint against an accredited organization, the stakeholder must: 
  • Exhaust any internal complaints process that is available with the accredited hospice organization
  • Complete a detailed Complaints Form specifying the grounds for the complaint in accordance with the criteria listed above, and submit the form to HPCO along with any supporting documentation.  
When a complaint is received HPCO’s Director, Centre for Excellence, will: 
  • Acknowledge to the complainant that the complaint has been received and will be acted on (within 2 business days).
  • Forward the complaint to the Standards Council to review the complaint.
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