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Thank you for participating in the AlexWest Small Area Plan!

Over the course of this process, feedback from community members like you has been instrumental in crafting this Plan. After more than 18 months of engagement, we are excited to share the Draft AlexWest Small Area Plan back with you for Public Comment. The Public Comment period will run from June 25 to August 1.

Please use this online form to submit your feedback to the City by selecting the Plan Chapters for which you are interested in providing feedback. The feedback boxes for each of the chapters you have selected will appear on a separate page.

More information about the plan, including the full Draft Plan, can be found on the project webpage at alexandriava.gov/AlexandriaWest. For further information, please contact Christian Brandt, Urban Planner, christian.brandt@alexandriava.gov, 703.746.2859.

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