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* 1. Initial Information

* 2. Are you currently employed?

* 3. If your answer to question (2) is yes, please indicate how you were placed.(If your answer to question (2) is Yes, and you are not seeking employment please skip to question 5.)

* 4. Are you seeking employment?

* 5. If you are not seeking employment, what is your status?

* 6. How many times have you met with your Career Advisor?

* 7. How often do you correspond with your Career Advisor?

* 8. How many interviews did you obtain from your Career Advisor?

* 9. Have you ever received a telephone call from an employer stating that your Career Advisor faxed or e-mailed your resume?

* 10. Were you ever offered a position by an employer with the help of your Career Advisor?

* 11. If your answer to question (10) is yes, did you accept or decline the position?

* 12. How satisfied are you with the assistance received from your Career Advisor?

* 14. Please comment on the services/assistance received from your Career Advisor.