How Much Are Your Personal Assets at Risk from the Way Your Board Works?

Is Your Board and Its Directors at Risk?

Directing a Board always seems straightforward, but nowadays, it's no longer a walk in the park.  If anything goes wrong, and your organisation fails, it's amazing how many directors discover their personal assets (house, car, savings & investments) are at risk. Here's why:

Globally, Regulatory Expectations and Codes of Practice continue their advance. Boards, Committees, Chairs and Directors now subject to regular, formal and rigorous, evaluation. Action to protect your Directors from risk can start here.

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My Vision
To enable boards  to:
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  • Deliver massively enhanced value to their organisation

Your Action

This RBR Risk Analysis enables you to assess your Board's exposure.

If necessary, you can gain access to a second analysis instrument - Regenesis Boardroom Review.

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Regenesis Boardroom Review:

  1. Shows you what you do well.
  2. Identifies areas for development.
  3. Furnishes your board with insightful recommendations.
  4. Identifies your action choices

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