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There is a great deal of work going on globally to help improve aviation cybersecurity. The Atlantic Council invites you to help inform this work by contributing to a survey that is exploring the different perspectives on the nature of the challenge. 
The results of the survey will be free, published openly in mid-November 2019, and inform a number of industry initiatives.
We are seeking responses from those involved in getting passengers from A - B to the supply chain of products and services, and everything in between. We are exploring a diverse topic, so if you feel certain questions do not apply to you, we kindly ask that you skim through them, but be sure to complete the entire survey.
Your contribution will be completely anonymous and the survey should take less than 15 minutes. At the end, if you would like, you will be able to enter your email address to then receive a copy of the final report and details of the launch.
Thank you for supporting this critically important work and contributing to a safe, secure and resilient aviation industry.
If you have any questions you can get in touch via cyber@atlanticcouncil.org

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