SLL BOCES Component District Survey - SEDH

This survey is a follow up to an earlier survey about your experiences this year as a student in this school. We will be able to make comparisons with earlier data. All surveys are anonymous, students names are not given. Both students and staff will be taking the survey.

PLC Associates, Inc., based in Florida and New York, will conduct the survey and oversee all elements of survey protocol. This tool is the intellectual property of PLC Associates, Inc. and may not be reproduced (mechanically or electronically, in part or whole) without expressed consent. Do not forward or otherwise share this link.

Please finish the entire survey at one time and at the end, press Done. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. If you do not have that time now, click out and re-enter at a later time. There is a bank of 5 point rating scale questions and 3 commentary questions. Use N/A if you have No Answer. If you do start and are unable to complete the survey, or your session is interrupted, your answers will only be saved by page if you click the Next tab. Therefore, if you need to exit early, press Next and those answers will save. Then re-enter when time allows and finish where you left off. Please ask your teachers if you need help.

Thank you. We want to hear from our students!
PLC Associates, Inc.