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Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is reviewing general licences in Wales, which may result in changes. BASC is gathering evidence from those who use these licences and needs your views quickly so we can feed into the NRW process before the end of July.
If you control pest birds in Wales, or authorise their control on your behalf, please answer this short ten-minute survey so that we can respond to NRW on behalf of members.

To begin please scroll down the page and click ‘Next’. We need your response by no later than 5pm, Wednesday 24th July 2019 and all responses are anonymous.

BASC will use the results in aggregate as part of our evidence to support shooting under general licence within Wales. If you have any problems accessing the survey or questions about how we will use the results, please email surveys@basc.org.uk. Please visit www.basc.org.uk/gl for the latest updates on general licences.

The Birds Directive protects all wild birds. However, exceptions ('derogations') are made to allow some flexibility in the application of the law. Article 9 of the Birds Directive allows derogations from the protection of wild birds for reasons including to preserve public health and public safety; to prevent serious damage to agriculture, forestry or fisheries, or prevent the spread of disease; and to conserve flora and fauna, including wild birds. These derogations only apply where there is no other satisfactory solutionThese derogations are enacted in Wales by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), as the regulator, issuing general licences 001, 002 and 004 to permit control of 12 species of wild bird according to some of the circumstances outlined above.  
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