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Perhaps no other practice within HCM has been more impacted by technology and automation than Talent Acquisition. Hiring is equal parts production, psychology, and matchmaking. With the addition of ATS technology, the increased use of social and mobile technologies in the screening process, and the leading introduction of artificial intelligence to the interview cycle, so much has changed.

Brandon Hall Group research in this area seeks to understand what great looks like amidst all of this change. Ultimately, the measure of success in TA is the ability of the business to deliver results and the quality of the teammates TA is bringing in the door. Organizations need to be thinking about the candidate experience and the impact of technology and automation on that experience and its ability to attract the best quality talent.

Questions will focus on topics like:
  • How are you measuring quality of hire?
  • How are you tracking and measuring the candidate experience?
  • Which technologies do you find most effective in attracting, engaging and ultimately hiring talent?
  • How do you mitigate the digital "blackhole" created by automation on the candidate experience?
  • In what phase of the process are you using automation or AI or do you plan to begin using in your cycle?
  • How would you describe the return on technology in your hiring practices?
The survey should take around 6 - 8 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, Brandon Hall Group will provide a copy of the survey results when they become available. In addition, respondents who provide their email address will also receive a copy of the Brandon Hall Group research report, Retaining Talent 2023 Research Data Highlights.

Thank you,
Matt Pittman
Principal Analyst