Brandon Hall Group conducts an annual Talent Risks survey, which has previously has revealed that the top concerns of CEOs are managing, developing and retaining talent. But what are the drivers for ensuring a vibrant, stable, talented workforce? What are the biggest obstacles — and how do organizations overcome them?

This new research will examine the current situation, challenges organizations are faced with when looking at how to hire, develop and retain top talent, and best practices.

This survey takes 10-12 minutes to complete. In appreciation of your time, those who complete the survey and provide their email receive:

-- A summary report of the research results
-- Immediate download access to HCM Outlook 2019: Research and Perspectives on Excelling in the Future

Your survey responses will remain completely confidential and your name will not be given to any external parties. Your information will only be used for aggregate research purposes and to deliver your research summary results and complimentary research paper. You also may be contacted by an analyst to request a qualitative research interview about the survey topic.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important research.


Cliff Stevenson
Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management
Brandon Hall Group