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Until now, Black producers, writers, directors, actors, and tech/crew have been largely absent from sector data and narratives, making it difficult to bring practical awareness to issues of anti-Black racism, exclusionary practices, and other barriers to access shaping the sector.

This study seeks to address this gap by exploring the experiences of existing and aspiring Black talent (producers, creators, actors, and crew) regarding sector participation, pathways to career development, skills training and paid work; barriers and challenges faced, the supports that have been most helpful, and strategies for remaining working in the sector.
The findings from this study will contribute to evidence-based recommendations to help creatives, employers, and the sector as a whole create long-term, sustainable system changes that address anti-Black biases and exclusionary practices, and contribute to a stronger, more diverse and equitable sector workforce.

Participation in this survey is 100% anonymous and confidential. By completing the survey, you are consenting to have your responses included in a summary report of findings. These findings will never be tied to individual participants. You may also, at any time, choose to have your responses withdrawn from the study by contacting
If you choose, you may also volunteer to participate in a follow-up discussion at the end of the survey, but this is not mandatory.

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