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* 1.

WELCOME! And Thank You for joining the study panel!

Where should we send your free preview of the topline results?

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* 2.

So far, how does THIS YEAR'S Tax Season compare to LAST YEAR for you and your firm?

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* 3. COMMENT: What does the May 17 extension mean for your Busy Season?

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* 4.

On this list of issues, what are your CHIEF CONCERNS?

Please check all that apply.

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* 5.

KEY METRICS: How do THIS YEAR'S RESULTS to compare to LAST YEAR'S so far?

  Significant Increase (10% or more) Some Increase (+5%-10%) No Change (+/- 5%) Some Decrease (-5%-10%) Significant Decrease (-10% or more)
Number of Clients
Total Revenue
Net Profit
Revenue per Client
Profit per Client
Number on Extension

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* 6.


In your opinion, how will the NEXT 12-18 MONTHS shape up for... ... ...?

  Much Worse Somewhat Worse About the Same Somewhat Better Much Better
...Your Clients/Customers
...Your Firm/Company
...Yourself and Your Family
...The Nation's Economy in General
...Small Business in Particular

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* 7. OPTIONAL: WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED in the way you work because of Covid? And, WHICH changes will you keep POST-COVID?