1. Background

Over the last 15 years, the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a network of 114 universities in 38 African countries has established itself as a regional networking platform that seeks to facilitate higher education institutions in Africa to re-orient their training to respond to the development priorities particularly addressing the societal pressing challenges.

RUFORUM’s Vision 2030 seeks to drive “the African Universities’ Agenda for Agricultural Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (AHESTI)” with a strong emphasis on information and communication technology (ICT) as an enabling factor. The RUFORUM Secretariat wishes to conduct an ICT capacity and knowledge priorities study in order to document status of ICT development and examine the knowledge priorities of the network stakeholders and the extent to which the RUFORUM knowledge products and services meet the objectives of the relevant RUFORUM strategies within the RUFORUM member institutions and provide recommendations for knowledge sharing and targeted intervention.  The study is designed to explore these three factors (namely; ICT readiness, ICT use, ICT capability, ICT impact and Knowledge products usage) whilst exploring the ICT impact within each of the member institutions. The analysis of which will produce knowledge on the ICT gap within the RUFORUM Network.  For more information about this study, please visit www.ruforum.org

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