Section A and Section B

This brief survey by the Association of African Universities seeks to collect information from beneficiaries of our programmes/projects. As part of our 50th (Golden Jubilee) Anniversary Celebrations we are telling the AAU success story to the world. Your personal success story will certainly enrich our record of achievement and together show the contribution of higher education to Africa’s advancement.

Please take few minutes to complete this important survey

* 1. Surname

* 2. First Name

* 3. Gender

* 4. Title

* 5. Nationality

* 6. Current place of work

* 7. Current Position

* 8. Email

* 9. Telephone

Section B – Information on AAU Programme (s)/Project(s) benefited from.

Did you as an individual benefit from any of the following AAU Programmes / Projects?

* 10. What AAU Programmes/Projects did you participate in? Tick those that apply

* 11. Briefly describe the AAU Programmes/Projects that you participated in?

* 12. How many times did you participate in these programs? {Your answer must be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc}

* 13. What years did you participate in these programs? {E.g. 2007}

* 14. How did AAU's support help you personally or your career/work?

* 15. Have you been able to produce any publications, conference presentations, etc. from the AAU’s support?

* 16. If yes, please provide links to the relevant material.

* 17. Please attach a quality image of yourself. You can also share your picture by emailing it to

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* 18. Can we share your story to motivate others?