Dear dealmakers,
Thank you for answering our call to send in your nomination for this year's M&A Awards! You are about to endorse your firm for the M&A Award for Best Diversity Firm 2023. 
By submitting this questionnaire you will be pre-nominating your firm for the Best Diversity Firm Award. The nomination period for this M&A Award runs from 1 September to 23 October 2023 23:59. The editorial team will assess whether the submissions (pre-nominations) are of sufficient quantity and quality and will subsequently present these to the jury. They will inform you before 8th November whether your submission meets all the criteria to be one of the nominees for the M&A Awards 2023.
Criteria according to the regulations:
Inclusion is crucial in today’s society, which is why we would like to award the firm that over the past year has contributed the greatest and therefore meeting society’s demand. The winning firm has shown crucial innovative progress, which is reproducible and moving the needle the most, providing inspiration for others. Only forms received before 23 October 2023 23:59 hours are valid. 

In the category Best Diversity Firm, firms nominate themselves by responding to the questionnaire after which a panel of judges will choose the winner based on three criteria:

1. Move the needle – is what they are doing moving the needle in Diversity & Inclusion.
2. Reproducible – is what they are doing capable of being easily replicated and so gaining greater traction in the industry.
3. Innovative – is what they are doing innovative and different.
Questions in the questionnaire
- What is your firm doing that moves the needle in Diversity & Inclusion? Please explain in full detail.
- How is what your firm is doing capable of being easily replicated and so gaining greater traction in the industry?
- How is what your firm is doing innovative and different?
By completing this questionnaire, you agree that your written endorsement may be published online on and