Awards Information:

Remedy Health Media with New York City Health Business Leaders (NYCHBL) are recognizing the Best of the Best in the digital health field with this exclusive award! NYCHBL's mission is to bring together leaders and innovators in healthcare. This prestigious award will showcase your colleagues' hard work, achievements, and talents.
We are looking to recognize healthcare industry influencers in these areas from across the US:
Patient Advocate: Patients who have gone above and beyond to share their personal story, network and speak out to support other patients to influence better health outcomes

Agency Guru: People from healthcare ad agencies who have made a difference by achieving the highest level of excellence in their workplace and inspired others on their team and/or agency.

Brand Marketer: Individuals from brands (pharma, specialty, medical device, etc.) who have been innovative and strategic in achieving great marketing success for healthcare.
Once all nominations are received, an announcement asking people to VOTE for their top choice in each category will be sent. The voting window is August 2nd through 25th. The top nominees in each category with the most votes will then become finalists. All finalists will be reviewed and judged by a panel from Remedy and NYCHBL to determine the winners.

Winners will receive a featured announcement, including photo and bio, on Remedy’s sites as well as the NYCHBL newsletters which are sent to influencers in the Health Industry. Winners will also receive their trophy at the Awards Night event.
On the following page you will fill out the nomination form. Nominees  for Agency Guru and Brand Marketer must be working on a healthcare account. You may nominate as many colleagues as you wish who you believe deserve recognition for their achievements. Please submit each nomination as a separate form submission.You must submit a description of up to 300 words as to why you believe each nominee should be awarded. Once finalists are selected they will need to provide a short bio (up to 75 words) and a photo.
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Remedy Health Media is a leading digital health platform that provides content, tools and real stories in an emotionally engaging way to inspire millions of patients and caregivers live healthier and more fulfilled lives. Remedy is improving consumer health engagement and actions through the development of authentic communities of health information seekers who can interact and learn from relatable physician, pharmacist, public health and patient experts.
About New York City Health Business Leaders (NYCHBL)
NYC Health Business Leaders is dedicated to building a healthcare ecosystem in New York that spans sectors, bringing together the best minds to discuss important issues and spur innovation.