Our current CCTV cameras are now over 20 years old. They were purchased by joint funding from the Chamber of Trade and the Town Council. The monitoring contract we had with Harrogate Borough Council expires in April. Now we must decide what to do to maintain and improve the safety of the town.  A new state of the art system will involve a capital investment up to £25,000 to install, a majority of which has already been made available. The new cameras will have a much higher definition and will work equally well at night as in the day. The nerve centre will be situated, securely in the council offices and our local police will have full access. The Town Council will comply with current legislation and the Data Protection Act. Consideration will be given to some applications from the public to review video footage. We value your opinion so please fill in the questionnaire.

Closing date 31st March 2018 PTO

* 1. Should the Town Council provide a replacement camera system?

* 2. Would a CCTV system make you feel safer?

* 3. Are you concerned a more comprehensive CCTV system may affect your privacy?

* 4. Should the Council spend this capital sum on the installation of a new, up-to-date camera system?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
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