As part of the guideline development process for the Canadian Guidelines for Post COVID-19 Condition (CAN-PCC), we have developed the fifth set of draft recommendations.

The CAN-PCC Collaborative shares draft recommendations as soon as they are formulated. The order in which sets of recommendations are shared, as well as the order in which they are presented within each set, does not indicate an order of importance. Eventually, the CAN-PCC Collaborative will release recommendations for around 90 questions that were selected as being important. Sets of draft recommendations will continue to be released monthly for public comments.

The CAN-PCC Collaborative invites the public for input to help finalize these draft recommendations. Individuals providing comments will not be identified in guideline publications. Comments received during the public comment period will be reviewed by the CAN-PCC guideline development group and considered prior to finalizing the recommendations. Please note that these recommendations are drafts and should not be considered final, as they are undergoing review for input by the public as well as CAN-PCC working groups such as our Equity Oversight Committee.

This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We provide below the draft recommendations, including links to the evidence and judgements used to inform them. Please let us know if you have any major concerns, minor concerns or no concerns with the recommendations and provide any comments.

Note that, due to considerations for privacy and inclusiveness, you cannot fill out part of the survey and return to it later for completion. If you anticipate substantial time to review the content thoroughly, we recommend using the PDF version of the survey to prepare your responses and thereafter provide them online in one session. Please access the PDF version here.