Thank you for applying for the Care Traffic Control Certified™ program for Health System Command Centers! Care Traffic Control Certified™ Command Centers gain:
  • Recognition as a leader in Command Center operations
  • Membership in a peer group of certified Care Traffic Control Certified™ centers, and an opportunity to participate in thought leadership initiatives on Command Center innovation
  • Use of the Care Traffic Control Certified™ certification mark to promote your Command Center

Application instructions:

Command Centers will be Care Traffic Control Certified™ based on a demonstrated commitment to continuous performance improvement, as evidenced by adherence to program criteria. 

  1. Please complete the following application, and supply the requested materials. You cannot save and return to the survey so please prepare your materials in advance.
  2. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by a panel of TeleTracking clinical operations leaders. It will also be anonymized and shared with current Care Traffic Control Certified Command Center leaders, as part of the peer review process.
  3. TeleTracking will schedule a 60 minute follow-up call with you to discuss your Command Center goals, challenges, and progress, your current improvement initiatives, and review TeleTracking access, throughput, and discharge data and practices.
  4. New members will be notified as soon as a determination is made.