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Electoral Commission survey of regulated parties and campaigners
The Electoral Commission continues to prioritise supporting political parties, candidates and campaigners to understand the rules and ensure transparency of the political finance regime.

We want to better understand the challenges stakeholders face to enable us to support you effectively.

The impact of the pandemic has been far-reaching.  Understandably many may be unclear how certain rules apply to their campaign activities or reporting obligations.  This survey asks for your feedback on particular campaigning queries you may have in the context of COVID-19. The feedback will be incorporated into a live FAQs page on the Commission’s website providing guidance on specific enquiries affecting political parties, candidates and non-party campaigners which will be updated through the regulated period.

Please answer this short survey.  You can remain anonymous and it should take under 10 minutes to complete.  


The survey must be completed in one session. Answers will be lost unless you reach the final page to submit it and you cannot save your progress and return at a later stage.