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Recent bushfires which burnt through vineyards caused issues for growers because of the toxic piles of CCA post ash that needed to be removed. To help you safely remove stockpiles of CCA and other treated timber posts from your property we are collaborating with the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life at the University of the Sunshine Coast to explore recovery and reuse options. 

To understand the full extent of the issue we have designed the following survey of 13 short questions. It should only take you around 3 minutes to complete. If you have vineyards in several regions, fill out a survey for each region.

The survey will be undertaken in such a way that data collected will be anonymised and collected only for the purpose for which it is intended. Any information provided will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The answers you give will help growers in your region to recycle treated timber posts safely and effectively. 

Please mark the most appropriate answer to each question. Estimates are fine.