The California Department of Food and Agriculture Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship program wants to hear your experiences with accessing livestock veterinary services!
Your input is needed to help the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)’s Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship (AUS) program understand veterinarian coverage in California. This is a brief questionnaire for Californian livestock animal owners and other animal health advocates (e.g. veterinarians, cooperative extension, agricultural organization affiliates, 4-H/ FFA leaders) who have had difficulty obtaining veterinary services.

California law (Food and Agriculture Code, Title 16, Section 14400-14408) intends to protect both human and animal health from the risks associated with antimicrobial resistance. Changes regarding the use of medically important antimicrobial drugs (MIADs) in livestock animals, which came into effect January 1, 2018, will create increased need for veterinary services for livestock owners. 

This questionnaire should take 10 - 20 minutes to complete. This is a voluntary reporting tool. At the end of the survey we ask you leave your contact details if you are interested in helping further. However, you may choose to remain anonymous if you prefer- simply leave the contact information lines blank.

Please fill out the entire form as completely as you can.  Incomplete forms are difficult for AUS to use in our efforts to improve veterinary services coverage in the State.

The purpose of this tool is not to help you find a veterinarian nor is it a request to find a veterinarian.
This tool is meant to give you a voice and help CDFA AUS document veterinarian coverage gaps that can be addressed with legislation, resources, outreach, and education.

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