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Terms and Conditions

The Goals:
  • Create a responsible narrative on the future of AI and technology through art
  • Enable a broader audience to connect with AI on emotional level
  • Explore and demonstrate how AI can enhance human creativity and help create new artworks
Selection/Curatorial Criteria
  • Artistic quality
  • Thematic fit: alignment of artwork with the goals of the Artistic Intelligence programme
  • Reflection of contemporary issues
  • Feasibility of production
  • Artistic record of the artist
  • Gender balance and diversity
  • Availability of artwork for exhibition during the Summit
  • Availability of artist to guide setup of the artwork prior to the Summit (remote or on-site)
  • Permission to include artist bio, artwork description and photos (as submitted in Open Call) after selection of artwork in official communication of the Summit.
  • Permission for photo, video, and written documentation of artwork by the Summit organizers as well as accredited media.
  • Availability of artists for press requests and interviews is desired, but not compulsory.
  • In case of required artwork transport: deliverability to Geneva and compliance with Swiss customs regulations
Schedule and deadlines
  • Deadline for applications: 29.2.2020
  • Announcement of accepted artists: 15.03.2020
  • Exhibition period: 4.–8.5.2020
Artist fee and compensation
  • The summit organizer will take over the costs for setup, production, display and communication of selected artworks.
  • All accepted artists are invited to participate in the whole summit. Basic travel costs of selected artists will be covered.
Info on organizers and art program evaluation committee 
  • The art program of the AI for Good Global Summit is organized by ITU in partnership with STATE Studio. All submissions are evaluated in exchange with leading experts from the fields of AI, Art, and Sustainable Development.
Confidentiality note
  • Artists retain the copyrights for all submitted works. Submissions are stored and shared internally with the art program committee for the purpose of evaluation. Accepted submissions are published and shared publicly.