Is your security practice ready to secure your growing cannabis organization?

Many cannabis organizations are currently expanding into new markets and merging with or acquiring other businesses to capitalize on a growing industry. Often, security teams underestimate their readiness to accommodate these changes. As you grow and acquire other cultivators or retailers, you inherit security applications that were never designed to work together, you expand in markets with different governmental regulations and your security posture evolves. 

Before you expand your business, answer the following questions to help you determine whether your security practice is ready to handle more complex operations.

Once complete, you'll get your readiness score along with helpful information to get your organization better prepared for expansion.

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* Are you a licensed cannabis producer?

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* How many different software applications (e.g., video monitoring, access control, and intrusion) does your organization have installed for security purposes?

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* How would you rate your organization's efficiency during compliance audits?

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* If you are engaged in retail, select the option that best describes how your loss prevention team validates their point-of-sale transactions.

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