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Welcome to the Canadian Jewish Community Forum Survey

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Thank you for considering participating in our survey. We are the Canadian Jewish Community Forum- a newly formed organization with the goal to promote participation in, engagement with, and a sense of ownership of Jewish advocacy and programs in Canada by all members of the Canadian Jewish community.

For more information about the CJCF, who we are and more background on our initiative we invite you to look at our website and to contact us at

CJCF’s first major undertaking is to survey the Jewish community of Canada.  We are guided by the principle that the Canadian Jewish community should decide what issues are important for our community to have advocated. This survey is an attempt to take the pulse of Canadian Jews right now rather than assuming what is important to us. This will be an opportunity for as many Jews as we can canvass from across the country to share their priorities with us.  The survey will be confidential.  We will not be collecting any identifying information. At the end of the survey there will be an option for people to opt-in to our mailing list. We intend to make the survey results available to any Jewish organization that requests it. 

Results of the survey will be followed by Forums held across the country on topics that our community identifies as being important to us. The Forums will be a safe place for Jews to respectfully discuss and debate with each other, from our differing perspectives, issues of concern both regional, national and international that impact Canada, the Canadian Jewish community and Israel. Our goal is to truly be a Forum for Canadian Jews.

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