The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Union of Solicitor General Employees, want to hear from you with respect to issues you would like brought forward to collective bargaining with your employer, Treasury Board/RCMP.

In order to best ensure your interests are represented, please kindly take a few moments to answer the following questions which pertain to your employment with the RCMP. The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Given that “deeming” will not occur before PSAC begins the bargaining process for this upcoming round, the union is seeking your input which will be brought forward by way of a CM Sub-Committee who will be part of discussions at the Common-Issues Committee for Treasury Board units.

Information you provide is helpful for PSAC's negotiating team to make arguments to TB/RCMP to the public about the circumstances under which you live and work.

All information you provide in this survey is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and all questions are optional.

Your information

* 2. How long have you worked for the RCMP?

Your position

* 5. How long have you been in your current position?

* 6. What is your employment status?

Physical Health and Safety
Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree)

* 7. My workspace/station is physically equipped to meet my ergonomic needs.

* 8. The lighting in my workspace/station is appropriate.

* 9. The headset and/or audio equipment meets my needs?

* 10. My computer and monitor meet my needs?

Psychological Health & Safety

* 11. My workspace/station feels safe psychologically.

* 12. I feel supported by my supervisor(s).

* 13. I feel that any issues I bring forth will be dealt with professionally and in confidence.

* 14. My workplace is free from harassment and intimidation.


* 15. The staffing process is fair and transparent.

* 16. The level of staffing is sufficient to meet workload requirements.

* 17. There is a high level of turnover in my workplace.


* 18. I feel that I’ve had sufficient training to function well in my position.

* 19. When new systems / procedures are introduced, I receive timely and adequate training.

* 20. Access to training is fair; I’ve never had training requests refused.

Terms and Conditions of Work

* 21. To what extent is it a priority to improve the following aspects of your working conditions? Please rank each item on a scale from "Very Low Priority" to "Very High Priority".

  Very Low Priority Low Priority Indifferent High Priority Very High Priority
Benefits (health, dental, pension, life insurance, etc.)
Fair and consistent job postings
Clear job descriptions
Job security (from term employment)
Job security (from lay-off)
Discipline and grievance procedure
Harassment and/or discrimination
Severance pay
Health and safety
Greater career development opportunities
Equitable distribution of workload
Seniority rights (job postings)
Seniority rights (vacation scheduling)
Seniority rights (training)
Paid leaves (vacation, sick leave, bereavement, etc.)
Consistent application of workplace policies and rules
Ability to work from home
Compressed work-week
Leave for family-related reasons

* 22. Provide any examples of improvements to your work conditions that you would like to see negotiated, that is, what are your bargaining priorities:

Bargaining & Training
In support of deeming PSAC/USGE will be conducting a preliminary training for USGE representatives in preparation of CMs coming into our union. The themes of the training will be two-fold – welcoming the new CMs and an overview of collective bargaining.  The training will take place January 9 and 10 in Ottawa.

We are inviting participation of one CM from each of the regions.

If you are interested in being the representative for your region, please complete the following information below.

We will reach out to all CMs in your region to elect their representative for this initial training if there is more than one volunteer from each region.

* 23. Personal information

* 24. In 100 words (approximately) please share with us why you’d like to represent CMs at this training (this will be shared with other CMs in your region should we need to run an election for the representative).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are working to build our database of CM contacts. You are encouraged to provide your information below. Your name will be entered in a draw for an iPad. Submitting personal information is voluntary.

* 25. Provide personal information and win an iPad