For 120 years Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has enhanced Colorado’s outdoors by providing healthy wildlife populations, opportunities for fishing and hunting, 41 diverse and remarkable state parks, and thousands of miles of recreational trails. Looking toward the future, CPW hopes to continue to offer these same opportunities to meet Colorado’s growing population and evolving interests in outdoor recreation while inspiring the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.

CPW is working with state leaders to develop a bill to help support the future of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation in Colorado. Your opinions matter and will help shape future use and management of Colorado’s wildlife and natural resources! In order to respond to public needs and interests, we created this brief comment form. Please share your thoughts on the concepts CPW is proposing for this bill by September 30, 2017. To learn about these concepts, watch this 15 min presentation at:

* 1. Please use the space below to provide any comments you may have in regard to the concepts presented for a legislative proposal. If you think there is something missing from these concepts, please tell us about it as well.

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