Dear CIT Member,

My name is Carol Patrie (www.carolpatrie.com). I am exploring the notion of creativity in interpreting and its possible connections to expertise. I am beginning my research by distributing this questionnaire. A previous study by Horvath (2010) began an exploration of creativity in interpreting among spoken language interpreters. I am curious to know if signed language interpreters share the same views as spoken language interpreters with regard to creativity in interpreting. If you wish to know the results of the survey please send me an email directly at carol.patrie@gmail.com

This is a brief questionnaire on creativity as it relates to signed language interpreting. I would very much appreciate your participation. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. The first six questions relate to your perspective on creativity as it applies to interpreting. The remaining questions are demographic in nature to provide information on whose perspectives this questionnaire encompasses. The last item allows space for you to provide additional insight if you wish. Your responses will be collected and reported anonymously.

I am exploring the notion of creativity as it relates to expertise in interpreting in order to understand if there might be ways to help interpreter educators improve their teaching and also to help interpreters in reaching for more effective solutions in their interpreting. If expert interpreters rely on creativity to reach effective interpretations, then we can begin to bring creativity-building techniques into our own work in more explicit ways.

If you choose to participate, please fill out the survey and submit it by April 17, 2012.

Thank you!