Welcome to AHE's COVID Response Tactics Sharing (CRTS) Survey and Reporting Project!

COVID-19 has put a tremendous strain on hospital operations, and the professionals on the front lines. During times of high stress, we often want to know how others managed, so we can evaluate our own coping and management strategies as we plan for the future through lessons learned.

The CRTS survey will collect and report to respondents important information about how AHE members and other professionals coped with COVID-19. This information can inform immediate recovery efforts, as well as later restructuring and future planning. Your colleagues need and want to learn what others did, as we all continue on operating in our “new normal”.

Individual responses will never be shared, however, members can expect a report detailing national and regional trends within two weeks of the survey close

Thank you for all you do to protect patients and other health care workers against COVID-19.