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The goal of this survey is to create a comprehensive picture of how issues related to gender identity and family affect individuals who provide or use translation, localization, or interpreting services. This survey asks respondents about their personal experiences with gender identity and family issues, whether good or bad, in the workplace. The full results and analysis will be free and available to all interested parties. We will use this data to: 1) identify regional variations; 2) compare results with our 2017 study; and 3) benchmark the language services industry against other industries.

There are up to 47 questions in this survey, depending on how you answer certain questions. Results will be published and made available at no charge from the CSA Research website as well as from various organizations active in the language services industry.
This survey uses the terms man and woman to refer to the gender a person identifies with, which may be distinct from their biological sex. These terms represent common gender identities, but we recognize that they may not reflect the experience or identity of all individuals and that some may disagree with any particular definitions. When encountering these terms, please consider them in terms of the closest fit for your individual experience.
The information that you provide is confidential and the survey is funded solely by CSA Research. By participating in this survey, you grant us permission to use the information you provide in aggregate form for analysis purposes. We will not disclose individual answers or comments and will not provide your answers to third parties or your employer. We also will not associate information that could identify you personally – such as your job title, department name, or e-mail address – with any results. We ask for your e-mail address for the sole purpose of informing you when survey results will be available for download. If you have any questions about how we use this information, please contact us at survey@csa-research.com.
Thank you to the following organizations who donated time and resources to test and translate the survey: Argos Multilingual, Latamways, Masterword, OXO, and Women in Localization.