To map and better understand the landscape of organizations doing development work in rural America, the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group and the Housing Assistance Council are conducting this survey. The Ford Foundation is supporting this effort.

Our objectives in conducting this survey are to:
  • Develop a better understanding of the expertise and capacity of organizations doing development work on the ground in rural communities across the country;
  • Surface and shine light on what these rural organizations see as important to meeting their missions and realizing their full potential;
  • Gauge the contours of how rural-focused organizations are engaging on matters of local, state and federal policy;
This information will shine light on what it takes for you (practitioners) to do what you do. It will also help better tailor the work of our organizations to address your situations, concerns and opportunities. It will also help us engage investors, policymakers, national and regional organizations, and other well-meaning people with resources who want to “do right” by rural America – by providing them with better information about what rural-serving organizations feel good about, as well as what you want and need to do even better.

With this in mind, please make your voice heard and participate in this survey. The results will be summarized in a short brief that we will share with you (if you wish) and with others. We expect the survey will take approximately 12-15 minutes to complete.

The information you provide in this survey about your organization will remain confidential. We will aggregate data and analysis based on all the survey respondents to share publicly. The names and data of particular organizations will not be shared, but we may quote some phrases or sentences from open-ended responses anonymously without attribution.