Welcome to Our Regional Survey of Entrepreneurship

Thank you for participating in our survey sponsored by GO Virginia, Community Investment Collaborative, and Venture Central. Your feedback will help local, Central Virginia organizations better serve you and your peers who are starting and growing businesses.

The information we're asking you to supply is critical to understanding how entrepreneurs best develop and grow in our region.

YOUR RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS -- AT NO TIME WILL YOUR RESPONSES BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU OR YOUR COMPANY.  We ask therefore that you be honest, thoughtful, and accurate with your responses.

As a survey participant, you will benefit from a Survey Report when it is released this summer. (You'll be provided with an email address to request a copy if you wish at the end of the survey.)

The survey should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you again for your time and participation. You're helping businesses in your region and county develop in ways most productive for local residents.