NWSAR Committee Public Engagement Feedback

* 1. Did you know that caribou live in the boreal forest, and can be found in roughly 50% of the forested area of Northwest Alberta?

* 2. Prior to the efforts of the NWSAR committee, were you aware of the Federal/Provincial caribou recovery plan?

* 3. Do you think large protected areas (presumably parks) will be of benefit to the caribou?

* 4. Do you think large protected areas (presumably parks) will be of benefit to you and/or your family?

* 5. Do you believe increasing parkland to protect caribou will affect the economy for forestry and oil and
gas, etc.in this region?

* 6. Do you believe this affect will result in positive or negative outcomes for the region?

* 7. The Government of Alberta is currently proposing to protect 1.8 million hectares of caribou habitat in Northwest Alberta. Please indicate the level of protection that you feel would be most beneficial to the region:

* 8. Current socioeconomic indicators for Northwest Alberta indicate that we have poorer health and education and lower family income than the rest of Alberta. Do you prefer government social programs or free enterprise/capitalism as the mechanism to improve the socioeconomic status for the region.

* 9. Do you think the socioeconomic issues of the region should be considered when developing caribou range plans?

* 10. There is likely to be more public engagement regarding caribou habitat protection over the next year or two. Would you PREFER this engagement to be led by: the NWSAR committee/Provincial government/other

* 11. Who do you believe is in the best position to represent your interests?

* 12. Do you think your perspective has been captured well by the NWSAR Committee?

* 13. Do you think the NWSAR are approaching caribou recovery with a fair and balanced approach?

* 14. Do you support the documents being submitted by the NWSAR to the Provincial and Federal Government?

* 15. If you would like updates on NWSAR Committee efforts please provide information below

* 16. Comments or suggestions to the NWSAR Committee


* 17. Are you male or female?

* 18. What is your age?

* 19. In what industry do you work?