Durcsak/Unsung Heroes AWARD

Deadline for entry: Friday, March 22, 2024

The Connie Durcsak Visionary Award is named after Connie Durcsak, a former UTC President and CEO. The UTC staff created this award in memory of her legacy and presents it to individuals of a member utility who personally exemplified and embodied the visionary spirit of UTC and our industry. The award symbolizes the valiant dedication and service, the people and organizations in the energy, utility, and critical infrastructure industry provide their communities. 

Over the past several years, our world was severely impacted by a pandemic. However, utilities continued to successfully persevere to provide us with critical electricity, water, and gas. The Connie Durcsak Unsung Heroes award to amplify the selfless, admirable, necessary, never-ending work that our utility workers do every day in extenuating circumstances. They perform heroic tasks daily and there is often no press, fanfare, or acknowledgment of the lifesaving efforts performed by our utility workers… Unsung Heroes, indeed!

The award is open to all energy, utility, and critical infrastructure industry entities independent of corporate size, type, or geographic scale. All utilities are encouraged to apply for the award.

Eligibility and Criteria
  • The award is named in honor of former UTC President and CEO, Connie Durcsak who passed away in 2015.
  • Applicants must have the approval of senior management to apply.
  • A clear and concise abstract detailing the activity and outcome of the effort and the benefit the results provided to the community and the organizations.
    • What was the dilemma or challenge (Weather, Wildfires, Outages, Restoration Support, etc.)?
    • Who was directly impacted?
    • Outcome
    • Are there measurable results?
    • What are the best practices or lessons learned?
    • Why was it essential for the utility to take the action?
  • Judging and Award(s) Selection
    • The UTC Nominating Committee will select the award winner(s) in conjunction with the committee’s award selection process.
  • UTC will solicit nominations for the award as part of its current awards request procedures (Apex, Impact, and Emerging Leaders)
Questions? Contact us at support@utc.org

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