This application is for employers seeking to enroll their employees into training.  Do NOT complete this application if you are only looking to take the "C19"— COVID-19 Prevention Training. For assistance taking the C19 course, please contact 818.565.0550 ext. 1262 or email
Employees working in the motion picture and television industry have one of two pathways to access the “C19” — COVID-19 Prevention Training course:
  • Pathway 1 -> Through the Contract Services Portal
    • Industry employees already have access through Contract Services if they are:
      • Working under an IATSE West Coast Studio Local Agreement or Basic Crafts Agreement (i.e., those who reflect on Contract Services’ Online Roster)
      • Working under the Area Standards Agreement (ASA) via the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund (IATTF)
      • Individuals on a Directors Guild of America (DGA) Qualification List (QL)
      • SAG-AFTRA-covered Stunt Coordinators
**PLEASE NOTE** If you have employees that fall into one of the four categories above, they should complete C19 training through their Contract Services Portal (Pathway 1) and not through Pathway 2.
  • Pathway 2 -> Through a training module as assigned by their employer
    • Motion picture and television industry employers may refer other employees for C19 training who do not fall within the four categories covered by Pathway 1.   
    • By completing the application below, you may be set up with an account to request training for your employees who do not have access through Pathway 1.
    • As the employer submitting these employees for training, you will be able to view their training completion status through the CS Training Referral Platform once you've registered and created an account.

Please complete the following application to request the ability to enroll your employees in the “C19” — COVID-19 Prevention Training course. Your application will be reviewed in the order it is received by Contract Services staff. Contract Services reserves the right to determine whether the employer requesting an account is eligible as an employer in the motion picture and television industry, and may request additional information from the employer to make this determination if necessary. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Important:  You should not use Pathway 2 to enroll individuals who already have access to complete the C19 course directly through their Contract Services Portal (Pathway 1 above).

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* 1. Does your company engage in or support motion picture and television production?

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