Calling all entrepreneurs, innovators and innovation enablers! The 10th annual SA Innovation Summit (#SAIS2017) is your platform to inspire others through your innovation, thought leadership, programmes, processes and lessons learnt; your opportunity to contribute towards making the 2017 SA Innovation Summit the biggest, best and most enabling summit yet!

The key focus areas for this year’s Summit are expansive, as we aim to include as many diverse perspectives into the conversations as possible. The Call for Papers seeks to elicit a resounding response from thought leaders to submit ideas for papers and workshops that align with our 2017 theme, INNOVATION REVOLUTION. Our key focal areas will guide the topics for submission, while due process and specific criteria will be applied to the selection process.The Call for Papers focuses on three areas: the entrepreneur and inventor, the innovation platform, and the corporate that uses innovation to accelerate output or throughput. As we aim to have a mix of thought leadership and best practice in innovation, we have established a simple application process:

* 1. For which of the following options are you submitting this paper?

* 2. Individuals interested to submit abstracts should indicate their desired focus area that would address the SA Innovation Summit 2017 Theme: 'INNOVATION REVOLUTION'.
Please express your area of interest.

* 3. Individuals interested in submitting abstracts should indicate their desired focus area while also addressing the SA Innovation Summit 2017 Theme: "INNOVATION REVOLUTION".

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* 6. Synopsis: Brief overview of your presentation to be used for marketing material (250 words or less).

* 7. Short biography: One paragraph OR three exciting bullet points about your education, work experience and achievements (150 words or less)

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