Dear Camper Families:

We are always seeking to improve our ministry. We want to know what you liked or did not like about our programs, sites, facilities, and staff. What was valuable to you? your camper/s? Do you have an idea or a suggestion for us? Did you or your camper experience a problem this summer? If you had a particularly positive experience please share that too.

Your thoughts are important to us. This information is carefully monitored, and is shared with staff in order to improve the quality of the experience at Aldersgate, Asbury, Casowasco, Findley, Sky Lake and Skye Farm (the United Methodist camps of the Upper New York Conference). Thank you for helping us in this way and for trusting us with your child/children.

If you had multiple children attending camp this summer please feel free to fill out the form for each camper or combine all the feedback onto one form.

In Christ,
Michael Huber,
Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries
Upper New York Conference

* 2. Do you know the name of your child's camp program, such as "U Can't Do That at Camp" or "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles"?

* 3. What were the dates your child was at camp?

start date
end date

* 4. What year was this at this camp for your child?

* 5. Please rate the ease of the following:

  Very difficult! Somewhat difficult Neutral Pretty easy A breeze!
the process of choosing a camp program
registering your child for camp
paying for your child's camp
checking your child in at camp
picking your child up at camp

* 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions related to the question above?

* 7. What method did you use to register your child for camp?

* 8. What was the primary reason for choosing this program or camp?

* 9. What was your child's favorite part of camp?

* 10. Did you or your child have any concerns related to his/her experience at camp?

* 11. Are there any activities or programs we do not currently offer that you or your child wish were offered?

* 12. Does your child attend any other summer camp programs?

* 13. Many parents notice changes in their child after a camp experience. We hope that those are positive changes, e.g. more self-confident, new skills, more comfortable in challenging situations, able to make friends more easily.

Have you noticed any changes in your child, positive or negative, since returning home from camp?

* 14. Would you recommend this camp/program to other families?

* 15. Do you have any comments related to the above question that will help us understand your answer more fully?

* 16. How would you rate the price for your child's camp experience?

* 17. Please rate the following:

  Unacceptable I had some concerns Acceptable Pretty good Great!
Camp lodging facilities (cabins, dorms, tents)
Food / Dining Hall
General appearance of the grounds
Manner in which your child was welcomed to camp
Care / Supervision that your child received while at camp
Program / Activities offered to your child
Manner in which any questions or concerns you had were addressed
Health care available to your child at camp

* 18. One of the goals for all summer camp programs offered by the Upper New York Conference is that each child who participates grows in his or her faith. Summer camp is an ideal setting for children to make positive steps in their life of faith.

We seek to strengthen the relationship that a child has with God, to encourage participation in a faith community, and to offer appropriate opportunities for your child to make faith commitments.

How well do you think we met this goal in relationship to your child?

* 19. Would you like to receive a call from the Site Director to discuss anything related to your child's camp experience?