This is an example of what a voter survey for Open California / Capitol Weekly looks like - but with a twist.  Instead of being invited to participate in this poll because you were randomly selected from a list of registered voters deemed likely to vote based on past vote history and other criteria, you have selected to be here.  So, this is absolutely not a real poll.  It is a fake made-up survey intended to be taken by Capitol Weekly readers to shed some light on online polling.

Question Title

Do you plan on voting in the upcoming June primary election?  (see note below before messing this one up!)

While a good online poll would already know that you are a registered voter likely to vote, this question allows for a further screening.  Be careful, if you pick "no" or "unsure" you're gonna be shown the door. 

But, one oddity of polling is that some phone respondents know this trick.  When the pollster asks this first question, they will think "here's my out!" and say "nope, I'm not voting." This isn't the most socially acceptable response, but it does get the voter back to watching the Real Housewives of OC.  Some research suggests that a good number of voters who give a quick "No" to this voting question can be as good or better turnout than voters who say they are likely to vote.

7% of survey complete.