Peavey Industries LP is proud to present the 2021 Peavey Industries Community Agricultural Grant, with funds awarded to projects dedicated to innovative community-building and/or agriculturally focused initiatives that will help strengthen local areas, towns or cities. Each year this grant is awarded up to a total of $100,000 to registered non-profit organizations or groups of individuals that have recognized a need then organized, developed and communicated a strategy to achieve their vision. Anyone who lives within 350km from a Peavey Industries location can apply. Peavey Industries = Peavey Mart, TSC Stores and MainStreet Hardware. Please note the Community Agriculture Grant is not available for application by any level of government. 


As a business, we have investment in your communities and we consider them to be ours as well.  By giving back and funding new initiatives to benefit the communities we live and work in, we foster deep roots and ultimately help our own communities and neighbours.

Each of us has a community, and most of us have ideas about how our community can be helped to be stronger, and better. To make that great idea a reality is not easy. Developing plans, gathering input and building support from other individuals, groups or businesses, then acting on those plans to produce a sustainable benefit, is hard work. That kind of development is the purpose of the Peavey Industries Community Agricultural Grant.

This Grant exists to nourish the entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on agriculture. We want to help launch good ideas, to give community stakeholders a reason to come together, and ultimately help strengthen the communities where we live and work.

Canada has incredible resources, but if taken for granted, misused or under-developed, our food security is diminished. Community agriculture emphasizes the benefits of local foods. It usually brings people together to share the work, and share knowledge that may otherwise be forgotten, or new ideas that might otherwise not be learned. Community agriculture can be an economic driver too, as well as benefiting individual health.

We have been proudly serving Canadian communities since 1975, and most of these communities have a long, rich agricultural heritage. The Peavey Industries Community Agricultural Grant is one more way we can connect with the land that benefits us all.

When TSC Stores in eastern Canada were acquired in 2018, Peavey Industries was excited to be able to expand our Community Agricultural Grant’s reach and to double the award value. Whether you have a mature community group, or a great new idea that needs seed funding, if you meet our criteria with a focus on agriculture, please apply.

Thank you for your interest in the Peavey Industries Community Agricultural Grant. 

Doug Anderson
President & CEO
Peavey Industries LP
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