Thank you for using this submissions portal: explanation, instructions and use of information

Important information about how to use this submissions portal

While we prefer that you use this portal to submit your response to the Issues Paper, it may not be the best way to prepare your submission over a long period or in collaboration with others. It will save your progress when you exit the survey only if the same web browser (and device) is used, and only if the cookies and cache are not deleted between sessions.

The questions in this submissions portal have been taken from the Review of the Copyright Act 1994: Issues Paper (accessible on MBIE's 'have your say' page). The Issues Paper provides context for the review, an overview of copyright and the subjects (potential issues) we are particularly seeking information and evidence on.

We recommend that you have the paper in front of you as you use this portal to complete your submission.

You may respond to any or all of the questions in the Issues Paper. Where possible, please include evidence to support your views, for example references to independent research, facts and figures, or relevant examples.

We also encourage your input on any other relevant issues not mentioned in the Issues Paper - there are 'other comments' boxes throughout this submissions form for that purpose. 

Other ways to submit information electronically
If you would rather email us your submission, please use our Word document submissions template (which can be found on the 'have your say' page). You can also use that Word document to develop your answers and import them into this portal when they are ready.

If you have any difficulty getting information to us via this portal, you can email us at Please ensure you include your name and organisation (if applicable).
Use of information you provide

Note that submissions are subject to the Official Information Act 1982. The Privacy Act 1993 also applies.
MBIE intends to publish on its website, and in full, the information you provide through this portal, including your name. Unless you state otherwise (on the next page), MBIE will assume you consent to the publication of that information. At a minimum, making a submission requires your consent to MBIE knowing your identity in connection with your submission.

The Privacy Act establishes certain principles with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of information about individuals by various agencies, including MBIE. Any personal information you supply to MBIE in your submission will only be used for the purpose of developing policy advice in relation to this review (and published with your consent). You will have the right to access and request corrections to any personal information you supply.

If you object to MBIE publishing any or all of the information you provide, we may still have a legal obligation to release it if it is requested under the Official Information Act. At the end of this submission form you can identify any information you believe should not be published and may need to be withheld. You will be asked to specify the grounds under the Official Information Act that you believe apply. In the event your submission is requested under the Official Information Act, MBIE will assess its statutory obligations. In doing this, we will take submitters' objections into account and consult further with them as required.