District 1 Multimodal Transportation Study

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At the request of District 1 Supervisor and San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board Member Connie Chan, the Transportation Authority is working on the District 1 Multimodal Transportation Study to explore ways to improve and increase walking, biking, and transit trips in District 1.

Based on pre-pandemic data, most District 1 residents travel to and from Downtown/SoMa, the Sunset, or to the Peninsula/ South Bay. District 1 residents often use cars for those trips. Consider:
  • About 61% of trips that start in the District and end in a different neighborhood are trips taken by car, and
  • About 51% of trips that start and end within the District are trips taken by car.
Meanwhile, resident trips to commercial areas within District 1 are primarily made by walking and carpooling.

In recent years, District 1 residents have provided valuable feedback as part of projects such as the California Street Safety Project, Central Richmond Traffic Safety Project, Fulton Street Safety and Transit Project, Geary Rapid Project, 8th Avenue Neighborway, and Anza Street bike lanes. We understand more transportation investments are needed and want to hear what other transportation needs and challenges you may experience while walking, biking, and taking transit within District 1.

Your survey will be used to identify transportation needs and challenges and guide the development of project concepts to increase non-driving trips. Learn more about the project and sign up for updates at sfcta.org/D1-study. The estimated time to complete this survey is 5 minutes.

The map available here will allow you to provide comments on specific locations within District 1.