* 1. Are you a Hot Springs Village:

* 2. How often do you use HSV trails?

* 3. What time of day do you usually use HSV trails?

* 4. How far do you usually walk/run/bike/etc. on HSV trails?

* 5. In which of the following activities do you participate on HSV trails?

* 6. What are your favorite trails?

* 7. Do you live near a trail?

* 8. If so, is that the trail you use most often?

* 9. If no, why not?

* 10. How far away from your home do you usually travel to use your favorite trail?

* 11. How do you usually travel to your favorite trail?

* 12. How would you rate the condition of the following HSV trails (1 (needs improvement) to 5 (outstanding)?

  poor needs improvement good great outstanding N/A
DeSoto Multipurpose Trail
Sonora, Emperado, Calella Multipurpose Trail
DeSoto Marina Multipurpose Trail
Santa Maria Cart/Bicycle Lane
DeSoto Park Nature Trail
DeSoto Spillway Trail
Barcelona Cart/Bicycle Lane
Carmona Cart/Bicycle Lane
Hernando Trail
Lake Coronado Boat Ramp Trail
Cedar Creek Nature Trail
Magellan Beaver Dam Trail
Lake Balboa Spillway Trail

* 13. Do you participate in organized seasonal trail events?

* 14. What do you like most about the trail system?

* 15. What can be done to improve the HSV trail system?

* 16. Do you believe there are enough HSV trails?

* 17. If another trail is added to the system, what would be important characteristics to include?

* 18. Which type of trail do you prefer?

* 19. What is your name? (optional)

* 20. What is your email address? (optional)