DATAD-R VI Meeting

The Association of African Universities, AAU in partnership with Instituto Superior de Educação e Distância, ISCED, Mozambique,, is organizing the DATAD-R VI workshop under the theme “Research and Knowledge Management for African Universities”. This training will be held in the Instituto Superior de Educação e Distância (ISCED) Campus, Mozambique, from 14 - 18 May 2018. The workshop is to strengthen the capacity of African Universit Libraries to manage and disseminate the research output from their faculty and students widely for greater impact.  It will afford an opportunity for participants to share their experience and learn about new trends in electronic content management.
The registration fee is Four hundred USD ($400) per participant from an AAU Member University. Non-AAU Member University participants will pay $500. The registration fee covers the cost of training, snacks, lunch and training material. Participants will cover their costs of air travel or transportation. accommodation and related allowances. Please register before 1st May 2018, to allow time for visa applications/processing if you need travel visa to get to Mozambique.  

* 1. Surname

* 2. Other Names

* 3. Title

* 4. Email Address

* 5. Mobile Number

* 6. Name of Institution

* 7. Job Title

* 8. Highest academic qualifications

* 9. Country of Residence

* 10. City of Departure

* 11. Country of Departure

* 12. Preferred language of Instruction

* 13. Has your institution implemented an Institutional Repository?

* 14. IF YES - Please provider the base url to your Institutional Repository?

* 15. IF YES - What software is used for managing the Institutional Repository?

* 16. If No, are there plans for implementing an institutional repository?

* 17. Have you implemented Unique Resource Identifiers (URIs) in your repository?

* 18. Do you know about the AAU DATAD-R Platform?

* 19. Is your Institutional Repository connected to the AAU DATAD-R Platform?

* 20. Does your institution have a policy guideline as to how research by faculty should be published?

* 21. Does your institution have a policy guideline for knowledge management?

* 22. What are your priority areas that you want us to cover during the upcoming DATAD-R Annual Conference?

* 23. Choose from below the priority areas you will want the upcoming DATAD-R conference to cover

* 24. Do you have any dietary preferences?