2017 Global IT Trends survey

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Each year the Global Institute for IT Management (www.globaliim.com) facilitates an international team of researchers and organizations/universities with a large network of IT executives in conducting a survey to gauge trends within the IT industry.

You are receiving this invitation because we believe your input is a valuable addition to the study. Please take about 30 minutes of your time to complete the 60 question survey that follows.

Your responses will help us benchmark areas including IT industry concerns, investments/spending, salaries, and sourcing & organizational considerations, over time, industry and geography. You will receive a summary report in exchange for your contribution if you include your email address. Published papers (academic and professional articles), seminars, briefings, and courses can also be made available.

All information that you provide will be aggregated. Individual responses will be kept confidential. The study data will only be used for research and publication purposes, and only data aggregates and summaries will ever be published.

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