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Question Title

2. Name of your instructor(s):

Question Title

3. Date of training course(s):


Question Title

4. How did you hear about the training? (You may select more than one).

Question Title

7. Please rate the following from 1-5; 1 being strongly agree and 5 being strongly disagree.


(Strongly Agree)
2 3 4 5

(Strongly Disagree)
Enrolling in the training was easy
Instructor was timely, organized and well prepared for class
Instructor was articulate and knowledgeable about topic
Instructor was helpful and addressed students' questions well
Learning environment was safe, clean and overall positive
Training material and handouts were clear and helpful
In-class activities were relevant and helped me understand concepts
The training improved my understanding of the computer
The training improved my understanding of the internet
The training improved my job skills and/or work performance
The training was valuable
The training exceeded my expectations
I would recommend this training to others

Question Title

9. Does completing this course make you more likely to subscribe to internet service?

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